Frank provides a better way for people to design their custom homes.

We believe that a good design shouldn’t have to be a luxury!

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FRANK offers high-quality design options making it easy to plan your dream home. Compare our options to find the right size and look.

Customize Easily

Garage, extra bedroom, Basement — you name it! FRANK can easily customize the plan based on your vision and ensure your design is exactly right for you

Break Ground

Our high-quality blueprints provide all the drawings and information your builder needs to get your entire home project started seamlessly.

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Check out Frank's floorplan to find a house that inspires you. Or schedule an appointment with our design team to get a custom design that fits you.

Study Set

Purchase the study set of your favorite design to learn about the plans in greater detail. All the drawings are delivered to you digitally in a PDF format. You can print them locally or order printed copies from us. 

Construction Set

Once you are ready to move forward, we provide a complete construction set for you to start your building journey. We can help you edit the drawings to fit your local code requirements, and match your local builder's preferences.

Permit & Build

With our complete construction set, you can get a precise bid from contractors, engineer your design and apply for a building permit with your local code enforcement office, and start breaking the ground as soon as possible!


We have designed various residential and commercial projects internationally for more than 10 years. We are offering a free 30mins-consultation to help you in your home building journey. Ask us anything!

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