3 Bedroom Southern Serenity House

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Immersed in the realm of contemporary architecture, this Southern style house represents the true definition of the perfect fusion of traditional charm and contemporary aesthetics. It boasts 3 spacious bedrooms and a large living room that encapsulates an open concept design, a common trend in many modern home plans.

Each room is a testament to meticulous planning and design, from the well-planned mudrooms to the thoughtfully laid-out bedrooms. Furthermore, the open floor plans inherent in a plan featured this design ensure a fluid, spacious feel throughout the house, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. This 3 Bedroom Southern modern house plan, therefore, offers an inviting and practical living solution that seamlessly aligns with the needs of the modern homeowner.

So, if you're seeking inspiration for modern house designs with a touch of Southern elegance or browsing through materials list and floor plans for a future project, this 3 bedroom modern house plan is undoubtedly a brilliant starting point. Its practicality and warmth truly set a new standard in modern home plans.

Modern House plan Interior features

At the heart of this modern home, echoing the finest modern houses designs, is a minimalist yet inviting kitchen. With clean lines and a focus on functional simplicity, it serves as a versatile culinary hub. The kitchen boasts a generous 15' long counter and a 10' long island, creating a seamless flow that is characteristic of modern floor plans.

Surrounded by large windows and open spaces that let in an abundance of natural light, the kitchen harmonizes with the overall contemporary atmosphere of the home. The architectural style of this modern house not only emphasizes open spaces but also facilitates natural light penetration.

Embracing the open floor plan concept, this home features three spacious bedrooms. The master suite is thoughtfully distanced to offer tranquility, while the second bathroom, equipped with a large shower and two sinks, embodies the practicality intrinsic to modern house plans. It is noteworthy that, though this house follows the exact same plan as its siblings, it feels unique due to subtle customizations in its layout and finishes.

Catering to the modern work-from-home lifestyle, the large office in this home provides ample space for productivity without compromising on comfort. An L-shaped deck gracefully wraps around the living area and the master bedroom, creating a beautiful courtyard space that integrates seamlessly with the house's open floor plan, enhancing the appeal of this modern home. This outdoor area also doubles as a patio dropzone entertaining space, perfect for social gatherings.

On your porch search, this modern house design checks all boxes with a well-appointed outdoor space that complements the home's architectural style. Practical elements such as a mudroom, laundry area, two-car garage, and a full wall pantry for the kitchen area are flawlessly incorporated into the design of this modern home, following the custom plan that champions functionality. These elements are exemplars of the practical living solutions often found in modern house plans.

Exterior Looks

Showcasing clean lines and an elegant blend of different styles of natural materials, the front exterior view of this modern home is a display of artistic mastery. The two-gable design forms a beautiful, clean geometric shapes of modern architecture. With interesting rooflines adding character to the building, these design elements create a dramatic impression that will enchant residents and guests.

The use of natural materials, such as wood, not only enhances the home's aesthetic appeal but also establishes a harmonious connection with its surroundings, creating an abode that is both beautiful and eco-friendly. As you step through the centrally located entrance, a warm welcome extends to residents and guests alike, a testament to the careful thought of these contemporary house plans.

This modern dwelling is more than a singular manifestation of a modern house plan. It is an embodiment of a comprehensive, family-oriented, modern living solution. Its combination of aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability makes it an excellent choice for first-time homebuyers who desire a home that is both attractive and practical. This one house plan represents a fresh take on modern living, comfort, and sustainability in an impressive package.

Ground floor interior area: 2,186 sqft
Garage Area: 511 sqft
Footprint of the House: 62'-3" L x 69' W
Bedroom 1 Size: 12'-1" L x 15'-7" W
Bedroom 2 Size: 12'-1" L x 13' W
Bedroom 3 Size: 14'-8" L x 12'-6" W

Living Room: 12'-1" L x 21'-4" W
Dining room: 12'-1" x 21'-4" W
Kitchen: 9' L x 21'-4" W
Pantry size:  4'-10" L x 2'-3" W
Bathroom 1: 6'-11" L x 14'-3" W
Bathroom 2:  8'-1" L x 9' W
Laundry: 6'-11"L x 17'-11" W

HVAC system: Mini-split, HRV, ERV

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What is included?

The Study Plans Includes:

• 9 - 15 sheets of Digital PDF Format Drawings
• Floorplans
• Exterior Elevations
• Building Sections
• Kitchen and Bathroom elevations
• Kitchen Cabinet chart
• Wall details with materials

* Easy upgrade. We will deduct the study set payment when you purchase the building plans. 

Designed to help you take the first step toward building your green home, the drawing pack contains everything you need to make informed choices about your home. The drawing pack comes in a digital PDF file and includes 15 sheets of architectural drawings with detailed dimensions. This set can be used to get an exact cost estimate and inquire about the local permit process.

Note * The study set does not grant a license to the user to build the house using these plans. It is intended as a general inquiry and guide. 

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