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How To Get a Building Permit In California

How To Get a Building Permit In California

Building a home in California is desirable for many reasons: proximity to various beaches, mountains, major companies, and the warm climate. However, prior to building your dream home in the sunshi...

Learn to Build Sustainable Homes

Learn to Build Sustainable Homes

Building a sustainable home is often a priority to many home builders in the present day. When constructing your home sustainably, you consider the impact on the environment. Consequently, you min...

Crawl space foundation

What is a Crawl Space Foundation?

A crawl space is a foundation that is built higher than ground level. This is to protect the house from water levels or to enable someone to crawl under the dwelling for work on the foundation, pip...

How Do I Hire A Contractor?

How Do I Hire A Contractor?

When building a new home, hiring a contractor is one of the most important steps in beginning the process. Your general contractor will work side by side with you to raise your dream house from the...

Steps to Build Your Own Dream House

Steps to Build Your Own Dream House

Whether you already own a lot of land or have narrowed down the area in which you want to search, planning your own custom build can be a nerve-racking process. Only 20% of American homeowners have...

best insulation r value

What is R-Value and How Does It Work?

The R-value requirement is also calculated based on the geographical location of the home. The U.S. The Department of Energy specifies zones with minimum R-value requirements based on the surroundi...


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how to get a permit to build a house

How To Get a Permit To Build a House

Permits are required in most states in order to begin the home building process. All states except Texas require home builders to obtain a permit prior to construction. It is especially important f...

What is the Most Efficient Way to Heat a Home?

What is the Most Efficient Way to Heat a Home?

Heating a home is one of the most costly parts of our monthly home expenses. According to the Department of Energy, it takes approximately 30% of your total utility bill. This makes it important to...

stem wall foundation

What is a Stem Wall Foundation Good for?

When land is uneven, sloped, or in need of reaching a higher elevation, a “stem wall foundation” is the answer. Stem walls are constructed with a spread foundation to support the added weight of th...

slab on grade foundation design

The Benefit of a Slab on Grade Foundation Design

The term “slab on grade” describes a building technique used to supply a strong foundation for a building structure. This is an effective method to provide needed structural integrity to support wa...

dense pack cellulose

How Dense Pack Cellulose Outperforms Other Insulation Products

One of the best performing insulations on the market is dense-pack cellulose. This is a term used to describe a cellulose insulation product that can be densely blown in cavities between dimensiona...

hvac ductless mini split systems

The Benefits of a Ductless Mini Split HVAC System

Mini splits are an efficient and cost-effective cooling system for many homeowners. A mini split is an HVAC unit that basically has 2 parts. It has an air handling unit and a compressor.