Rammed Earth Home In California

Rammed Earth House in California
California / 2,200 sqft / 4 Bedrooms / 4 Bathrooms / Desert and Mountain /Schematic Design

Welcome to a state where the sun is always shining, California. Sean and Jeff were looking to design and build a modern rammed earth house on a beautiful site near the California desert. They believe in sustainable living and wish the building process to be eco-friendly and locally sourced.

Rammed earth is a construction technique where multiple natural raw materials are compacted to form walls. Soil is the primary source and can be locally found. The rich soil creates the gradient of colors in the walls, which go from 18-36 inches thick and regulate interior temperatures, keeping the house warm in the winter and cold in the summer. It is an impressive building technique that has been adapted and used worldwide.


ram earth home top view design with frank

Sean loves to spend time with his dog, Max. They go for long walks and play catch together. Jeff loves to cook and enjoys preparing meals and experimenting in the kitchen. Watching the sunset and drinking a glass of wine with a beautiful sunset is something they enjoy doing together. Also, they are excellent hosts! They always have guests and family staying with them, so they wish to have three guest suites for their families when they visit.

After listening to their needs during the first meeting, FRANK's design team started working on the first step: analysis. Research about the site, climate, orientation, materials, and construction process was part of the first phase. The design features large glass sliding doors overlooking the mountains and desert vegetation and multiple exterior terraces to enjoy the outdoors. These spaces are covered to create shadows protecting the house from the heat. What keeps the house cool is the sustainable materials made from the earth. A large open kitchen was designed to be part of the living and dining room areas.

Although the desert is a beautiful place to live, the conditions can be rough, so this modern desert home has been created to thrive in this environment, make the most of the sunshine, and provide shelter from the heat. A healthy balance between clients' needs and site requirements is what we strive for at FRANK!

 ram earth home front view

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