House in Bar Harbor, Maine

House in Bar Harbor, Maine
Maine, Bar Harbor/1,600 sqft/ 3 Bedrooms/ 2 Bathroom/ Forest and Woods/ Bidding

Bar Harbor in Maine is a beautiful place to settle down and build a house. It is near the Acadia National Park and surrounded by wild forests. Jim and Tracy wanted their retirement home to be in this lovely place near Acadia National Park and Sand Beach. 

Jim spent time researching what their perfect retirement home would be like for a while. They knew they wanted a three-bedroom design with a detached garage, but they were looking for something more than just the basics. 

“We really love the design and appreciate all their hard work and talents. We are getting more with them than our local architect when we built our previous house! FRANK team incorporated a garage and basement to the original large 3 bedroom barn design. Very responsive and communicative throughout the process. I would highly recommend working with Frank. ”
- From Jim and Tracy

When Jim saw FRANK's Three Bedroom design, he fell in love and knew this would be their house! Jim worked with the design team to customize the design to his preferences, including adding the garage, a walkway to the main house, and a full basement. The house has an exterior finish of black wood siding, which contrasting with the snow and natural elements. The wood siding and metal roof are easy to maintain while merging beautifully with the surroundings. The windows are floor-to-ceiling in height and provide a fantastic view of the trees and other scenes. The house's architecture is rustic, but it has admirable contemporary characteristics.

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