Construction Set Launched!

Construction Set Launched!

FRANK Construction Set is available online

All of our wood house Series construction sets are now online and available for instant download upon payment. We have worked with individual customers and green builders to develop a high-quality set of blueprints that will lead you through your next home-building project. Our drawing sets are detailed yet simple, and you can use them to start your new year project with ease! 🛠️🛠️

Get your pricing bid and building permit

When it comes to building your dream home, there is one thing that should always be on the agenda: obtaining a set of polished and reliable drawings. Our drawing sets contain drawings and lists such as floor plans, wall details, and all the necessary information to allow you and your builder to precisely plan your building project's duration and anticipated cost.

The construction drawing set includes 26 sheets of architectural blueprints and information! It provides everything you need to apply for your building permits right away in most states (some counties may require additional engineering or adaptations, which you can find out by reaching out to your county). By obtaining your building permit quickly, you will be able to break the ground faster. 🏡🏡

construction drawing set

Construction Set includes

• Wall Types • Floor Plans • Truss Plans • Roof Plans • Foundation Plans • Electrical Plan •All Exterior Elevations •All interior Elevations •All Building Sections •Window Details • Structural/Framing Details • Architectural Wall Details • Eaves Details • Opening and Cabinet Schedules • Window and door Schedule • ERV/HRV Duct layout • Faucets and aeration plans

Customize with FRANK

At FRANK, we also provide affordable and rapid design customization upon requests. Often the design is almost right, but you wish there were additional bedrooms or a different closet layout. Because of our highly fluid workflow and tools, we can offer these customizations at a fraction of the cost of a standard drafting service and rapidly. Feel free to reach out to use or book an appointment to discuss your project, and we will be able to give you a quote and a timeframe rapidly. ✍️✍️

Fall cabin

Sustainable Building Practice

We know building a home is a story to be passed down for generations. We developed these architectural details and building techniques that ensure the house with heirloom quality. We carefully selected sustainable, affordable, and widely available building materials that help you build a sustainable house without a headache. We want to provide the best service and results for your home construction so you can finally bring your dream home to life. Most importantly, these building systems create a highly insulated house that exceeds all the US's state requirements! Contact us today for more information or any other questions you have regarding your home development. 🌳🌳

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