BLT Built Design Award - Winner

BLT Built Design Award - design with FRANK

BLT Built Design Awards recognized the expertise of all professionals involved in the realization of outstanding projects, from Architecture firms, Interior design experts to construction products, and project management.

Project Management of the Year is awarded to the most advanced project management techniques and systems overseeing the planning, design, and construction of a building, from its beginning to its end. From health and safety to Purchasing and delivering software, implementation of Sustainable processes, Scheduling, and Design Software, this award is dedicated to all companies behind the scenes playing a major role in the industry

Their annual program aims to celebrate Projects, People, and their passion for the industry, through their rigorous judging process, we recognize those that have gone above and beyond.


And we are beyond grateful to the BLT Built Design Award for choosing Design with FRANK as the winner of the year's project management award. It is a great feeling of getting recognized for our hard work and this is simply one of the most important scenes of our professional careers. This award will serve as FRANK's drive to find the right balance between creative expression and functionality in all of our architectural design and give us the means to pursue our goals in the future and inspire the next generation of designers.

FRANK puts powerful design tools in the hands of ordinary people and believes that good house design shouldn’t have to be a luxury. FRANK reimagines architectural service and aspires to serve massive consumer design needs.

FRANK is a smart home design platform empowering people to design and build homes. We are always thankful to have worked with amazing clients, real estate developers, home goods companies, and building materials companies that have believed in us since our first year of launching.

We are honored to be awarded alongside outstanding companies and designers who constantly seeking innovative solutions for today's and tomorrow's problems.

 Design with FRANK software Interface BLT design award

Congratulations to all of the winners!

View all BLT built design of the year winners here: BLT Built Design Awards - Winners (


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