2023 Kyoto Global Design Awards Nomination

2023 Kyoto Global Design Awards Nomination

We are excited to share the remarkable news that DesignwithFrank has received a nomination in the prestigious Kyoto Global Design Awards 2023 Edition. This esteemed recognition places DesignwithFrank among the "Best 100" designers and design studios worldwide, showcasing their innovative approach to home design and their commitment to empowering individuals in creating their dream homes. Let's delve into the significance of the Kyoto Global Design Awards, the Best 100 category, why DesignwithFrank was nominated, and the deep appreciation we have for this recognition.

The Kyoto Global Design Awards celebrates the diversity and creativity of design, originating from the historic city of Kyoto, renowned for its rich cultural heritage and innovative spirit. It serves as a platform to acknowledge and promote design excellence while encouraging professionals to contribute to a better world through their work. With Kyoto's fusion of tradition and modernity, the city has become an influential hub for economic and design development, inspiring professionals to push boundaries and create meaningful design solutions.

Among the categories within the Kyoto Global Design Awards is the Best 100, a selection of exceptional designers and design studios recognized for their trendsetting work and significant contributions to the design industry. The nominees are carefully evaluated by a jury panel comprising experts from various design fields. Their selection is based not only on the visual appeal of their projects but also on functionality, consideration for human well-being, and a commitment to environmental sustainability.

DesignwithFrank's nomination in the Best 100 category is a testament to their groundbreaking approach to home design. The committee was impressed by DesignwithFrank's innovative solution, which empowers individuals to have greater control over the design process of their homes. Through their web app, people can effortlessly design custom homes and receive ready-to-build blueprints tailored to their preferences. This democratization of the home design process makes it accessible to everyone, fostering a sense of inclusivity and creativity.

One aspect that resonated with the committee was DesignwithFrank's dedication to sustainability. Their use of eco-friendly materials, attention to detail, and commitment to energy efficiency demonstrated a genuine concern for environmental well-being. Additionally, DesignwithFrank's emphasis on utilizing local resources showcased a commitment to supporting local economies and communities.

This nomination holds significant meaning for us. It serves as a reminder of our mission to provide individuals with a streamlined and enjoyable experience in designing their dream homes. Our efforts in developing high-quality pre-designed floor plans and a user-friendly web app reflect our passion for empowering people in the pursuit of their ideal living spaces.

The nomination of our company in the Kyoto Global Design Awards' Best 100 category is a remarkable achievement that highlights our innovative approach to home design and our commitment to sustainability. This recognition inspires us to continue pushing boundaries, reaching more individuals who can benefit from our services, and making a positive impact in the design industry. We express our deepest appreciation to the Kyoto Global Design Awards committee for this prestigious nomination and look forward to witnessing our continued success in shaping the world of design.

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