3 Bedroom Sky Loft Cabin

The Sky Loft is a breathtaking 2-story loft cabin with a stunning L-shaped kitchen, double-height living room, and classic stained wood board and batten exterior. Boasting three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a spacious dining area that opens to the backyard, it's the perfect blend of functionality and elegance.

Ground Floor
As you enter the Sky Loft, you'll be greeted by a spacious L-shaped kitchen with over 20 feet of counter space and a large dining area. The kitchen is perfect for preparing meals and entertaining guests, and it features two French doors that lead out to the backyard and four windows that let in plenty of natural light. The living room of the Sky Loft is equally impressive, with a triple-height ceiling that creates a grand atmosphere. Also on the ground floor is a sizable guest bedroom with a king-size bed.

Second Floor
The second floor of the Sky Loft is dedicated entirely to the primary suite. The primary suite is a stunning space that spans 20 feet in length and 11 feet in width. The suite includes a king-size bed, a workspace, and a cozy sitting area. This floor consists of an open lounge area, perfect for an open office or personal meditation lounge space.

Above the primary suite is a loft sleeping area perfect for gazing at the stars through the skylights.

The house is designed to optimize space while maintaining a simple form that facilitates construction. The Sky Loft is a versatile space perfect for couples, families, or groups of friends traveling together. It offers a harmonious blend of function and aesthetics, making it an ideal home for those who appreciate elegance, functionality, and natural beauty.
Ground floor area: 1,048 sqft , First floor area: 661 sqft , Loft area: 296 sqft
Dimensions: 50' L X 25' W X 30' H
Bedroom 1: 8'-10" L X 16'-8'' W
Living room: 14'-5" L X 23'-6" W
Dining room: 10'-6" L X 15'-0" W
Kitchen: 13'-9" L X 17'-0" W
Bedroom 1: 8'-10" L X 16'-8'' W
Bedroom 2: 12'-7" L X 23'-6'' W
Laundry: 3'-3" L x 6'-6" W
HVAC system: Mini-split, HRV, ERV

The Sky Loft's design offers exceptional flexibility, as it can be easily modified to suit different construction methods and preferences. Whether one chooses a standard 2x6 wood stud system or a basement, the Sky Loft's design ensures a customizable and adaptable home.

  • Current Foundation: Slab on Grade
  • Possible foundation systems: Crawl Space Foundation, Basement Foundation, Stem Wall Foundation

In addition to its stunning interior and exterior design, the Sky Loft is also built with simplicity and practicality. The wall and roof system utilize standard pre-fabricated SIP panels with a ridge beam, creating a large well-insulated, and air-tight envelope for optimal energy efficiency and comfort. The house features standard-size windows and skylights, making them easily replaceable and accessible.

*The Construction Package can be easily spec by local engineers and SIP companies. 

The Study Set Includes:

• 12 - 15 sheets of Digital PDF Format Drawings
• Floorplans
• Exterior Elevations
• Foundation Plan
• Building Sections
• Kitchen and Bathroom elevations
• Kitchen Cabinet chart
• Wall details with materials

* Easy upgrade. We will deduct the study set payment when you purchase the construction set. 

Designed to help you take the first step toward building your green home, the drawing pack contains everything you need to make informed choices about your home. The drawing pack comes in a digital PDF file and includes 15 sheets of architectural drawings with detailed dimensions. This set can be used to get an exact cost estimate and inquire about the local permit process.

Note * The study set does not grant a license to the user to build the house using these plans. It is intended as a general inquiry and guide. 

study drawing set

The Construction Set Includes:

• 24 - 30 sheets of Digital PDF Format Drawings + CAD and 3D Files
• Wall types with materials
• Floor plan
• Roof Plan
• Foundation Plan
• Truss Plan
• Deck Framing Plan

• Exterior Elevations
• Building Sections
• Wall Details and Eaves Details
• Windows and Doors Schedule
• Windows and Doors Details 
• All Interior Elevations
• Cabinet Schedule
• HVAC and Faucet Plumbing Plan
• Duct Plan
• Electrical Plan
• Foundations details

When it comes to building your dream home, there is one thing that should always be on the agenda: obtaining a set of polished and reliable drawings. Our drawing sets contain drawings and lists such as floor plans, wall details, and all the necessary information to allow you and your builder to precisely plan your building project's duration and anticipated cost.

The construction drawing package includes 26 sheets of architectural blueprints and information! It provides everything you need to apply for your building permits right away in most states (some counties may require additional engineering or adaptations, which you can find out by reaching out to your county). By obtaining your building permit quickly, you will be able to break the ground faster.

construction drawing set

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