1BD Micro Steel Cabin

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The small living is becoming popular, and we received a lot of requests for creating more adu plans. We are excited to bring our creativity to create more floorplans that fit into the concept of accessory dwelling unit idea. Please welcome the Micro Cabin Floor plan. This layout is about efficient living. It is a perfect plan to add an additional space to your primary residence. 

1 Bedroom Micro Cabin Floor Plan

Introducing a space that redefines the concept of efficient living, where every inch is meticulously designed to cater to homeowner's additional needs. This floor plan includes a living area, a small kitchenette, a play loft, a bathroom, and a bedroom. All of these programs are packed in just 424 sqft! 

This adu design can accommodate a maximum of 6 people sleeping inside. It is also a perfect secondary house that can be used as a rental income property or family space when members come to visit. The ground floor includes a kitchenette, bathroom, and the main living area and bedroom. Even though the space is micro, the design is full of large windows. A big slider in the living area, and a big glass french door for the bedroom. 

The bathroom layout can accommodate a standard bathroom, including a shower and bathtub combo, a full-size sink, and a toilet. It is an efficient use of space, yet fully functional. The kitchenette is equipped for basic cooking and food preparation, ensuring that meal times are convenient and enjoyable. 

The bedroom boasts a double swing door for easy access to the exterior or backyard, allowing you to blend indoor and outdoor living seamlessly. For those seeking a touch of adventure, a ladder leads to a loft space that can be transformed into a play area or cozy retreat, expanding the living area and making the house feel wider.

This 424-square-foot micro cabin floor plan offers a modern living solution for any building lot size. Standard door and window sizes allow DIY homeowners and builders to easily source materials anywhere, making construction a breeze. Additionally, the loft's vaulted ceiling adds an irresistible charm that captivates every visitor.

Micro Steel Cabin ADU Exterior

The exterior meets functionality, where it captivates with its bold design choices and practical features. The sleek black standing seam metal roof, paired with black vertical metal siding  exudes contemporary elegance against any backdrop. The gable steel roof boasts a striking 10:12 slope, ensuring visual appeal and efficient rainwater runoff.

The micro cabin design uses standard 2x6 walls with a rafter roof system. 

The seamless integration of clear glass doors and windows floods the interior with natural light, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. From its commanding silhouette to its thoughtful detailing, this one-bedroom home stands as a testament to modern architectural additions. 

In many states, particularly in California, the local building department is allowing homeowners to add an accessory dwelling unit in their garden. If you have an ADU project in mind, this Micro Steel Cabin plan is the perfect starting point. It is a cost-effective design and makes a perfect structure for your garden. It can also be a cabin in natural surroundings for people looking to enjoy a secondary house in a remote site with minimal investment.

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The Study Plans Includes:

• 9 - 15 sheets of Digital PDF Format Drawings
• Floorplans
• Exterior Elevations
• Building Sections
• Kitchen and Bathroom elevations
• Kitchen Cabinet chart
• Wall details with materials

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Designed to help you take the first step toward building your green home, the drawing pack contains everything you need to make informed choices about your home. The drawing pack comes in a digital PDF file and includes 15 sheets of architectural drawings with detailed dimensions. This set can be used to get an exact cost estimate and inquire about the local permit process.

Note * The study set does not grant a license to the user to build the house using these plans. It is intended as a general inquiry and guide. 

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