Passive House in Chester, Vermont

Passive House in Chester, Vermont
Chester, Vermont/ 1,900 sqft/ 3 Bedrooms/ 2 Bathrooms/ Open field/ Bidding
Amy and Peter are planning to retire in the beautiful town of Chester, Vermont. They want their new home to be cozy. A home where they can enjoy listening to music while watching the autumn leaves change colors. They are the children of famous architects and grew up in a house hand-designed by their parents. They have a deep respect and appreciation for architecture.

Their land is situated in a spacious, green landscape. The pond at the front of their property provides an additional source for views and relaxation.
“When we found Design With Frank’s beautiful, simple, Wood House Series we felt like we’d struck gold.  Chloe and Gabriel were quick to respond to our initial inquiry,  and the entire process from the first phone meeting to the delivery of the high-quality blueprints was smooth and stress-free. We could not be happier!"- Amy & Peter, From Chester, Vermont 

They fall in love with our design template and wish to customize it by adding some of their own personal touches. The design team works together, adding their custom features: a large kitchen for cooking passions of hers; an expansive garage area where he plans to create woodworking projects from now all winter long!

In that area, Amy and Peter found a green builder, Sam from Alger Brook builder, who will build the house with a passive eco-friendly building system. The design team met with him several times and adapted the design into a high-performance passive building system with a double stud wall and crawl space foundation. 

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