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The First Release of FRANK 3D 

FRANK is a web app that lets non-designers design a house and get ready-to-build blueprints. We just launched our alpha version of the application. You can now create a basic custom design in 3D with our interactive building blocks system.


 Design with FRANK Software

Start by picking a block

Creating a custom layout is so simple with FRANK blocks. You can pick building blocks and place them on the grid. The blocks will snap to each other and create a floorplan for you. We are initially launching eight building blocks but we will keep adding new blocks in the future. Get ready to play with them now!

Roof style design software

Choose a roof style
There is nothing more exciting than to see your house in 3D with a roof design that fits your climate. Currently, FRANK 3D has created three basic roof designs for you. Gable roof, flat roof, and mono-pitched roof! Stay tuned for the new roof styles in the future. 

Flat roof house design

Choose an exterior material 

FRANK library has so many choices for your creative imaginations such as wood siding, concrete, metal, etc! Try it now, and find a perfect look for your dream house.

Interior house 3D

Walk around inside
Once you created the house, you can click the interior views and walk around in the house with the directional keys on your keyboard. Let’s check out the living room together. In the future, we will add a high-resolution interior rendering engine, so that you can see your design in hyper-realistic details. 

3D printed house model

What's next?

Once you complete your unique house design, the FRANK professional team is here to make it a reality, from a mini-3D model to construction-grade blueprint service. We know that the process of building a house takes years of research, and we want to help you start one step at a time. Our mini-physical 3D model service is here for you; why not build a mini house to see and feel your future home first? The mini 3D model is made with actual materials and uses the latest 3D printing technology. Yes, we can print metal and wood as well. 

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