Two Bedroom House


The Two-Bedroom compact home is the perfect solution for households of two or more people. It features a main bedroom with a walk-in closet, as well as an adjacent bedroom. Compared to other models, The Two-Bedroom Family boasts additional outdoor storage space. It also has a bedroom deck and a large covered living room deck that’s perfect for outdoor play or for sitting and watching the rain.

• Area: 1300 sqft
• Dimension: 66’ L X 25’ W X 20' H
• Windows: 4 Large glass sliding doors
• Deck: 1 Coved decks
• Main Bedroom: 14' X 12'
• Second Bedroom: 12' X 11'
• 1 Bathroom: Includes a bathtub
• Kitchen: Eat-in Kitchen with Pantry room
• Accommodates 4 to 6 people
• Laundry: Laundry closet in the hallway
• Heating: Mini-split/ radiant floor heat/ Air sourced heat pump
• Foundation: Foundation wall



  • The kitchen is designed to be both compact and inclusive, with a dishwasher, oven, and plenty of closet space.
  • The bathroom is spacious enough for either a sizable bathtub or a full hot tub.
  • The entire house is designed with sustainable architecture in mind, ensuring you can enjoy nature without interrupting it.
  • Wood siding provides a natural, rustic feel to ease the soul and promote calm happiness


Sustainable Building Details:

The walls are 11 1/8” thick and composed of 2 by 6 studs with cellulose insulation in between and a layer of 2” zip panels on the outside to create a continuous insulation layer and close all the thermal gaps. We estimate the R-value of these walls to be 33. The roof is made of wood trusses with a raised heel in order to increase the thickness of the insulation as well.


The Study Set Includes:
1. 15 sheets of Digital PDF Format Drawings
2. Floorplan
3. 4 Elevations
4. Foundation Plan
5. 2 Building Sections
6. Kitchen and Bathroom elevations
7. Kitchen Cabinet chart
8. Wall details and materials

Designed to help you take the first step toward building your green home, the drawing pack contains everything you need to make informed choices about your home. The drawing pack comes in a digital PDF file and includes15 sheets of architectural drawings with detailed dimensions. This set can be used to get a detailed cost estimate and inquiring about the local permit process.

This is a study drawing set, please consult with us to obtain an electrical, plumbing, and ready-to-build construction drawing set. We provide additional services to adapt the drawing to meet your local code requirements. We also provide design and customization services. Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more.

Custom Design

Frank's team is always here to edit the design to your need. We offer online consultation and provide a free price quote within 2 business days.

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