Three Bedroom Large House


Imagine living in a house where you have everything: three bedrooms and two bathrooms with plenty of closet space for all your stuff. This Three-Bedroom layout can provide just that! The windows are beautifully laid out so that the sun's warmth will be maximized through them.

The living room design is ideal for lovers of the great outdoors. These frontier house plans feature a large living area bordered by floor-to-ceiling windows and an open kitchen, so you can enjoy nature's reverie without being distracted by bugs or humidity!

The extra room would work perfectly as an office or library while allowing more than enough room at the home office when needed - so there's no excuse not to start working on those bookshelves now. Each bedroom has plenty of room for all those clothes and any other items we love to collect - like childhood memories or treasures from around town! It also offers a large laundry area; you can store everything easily.


• Area: 1580 sqft
• Dimension: 77’-4” L X 25’ W X 20' H
• Living room: 17'L X 15' W
• Dinning room: 12'L X 15' W
• Bedroom 01: 13'L X 13' W
• Bedroom 02: 15'L X 12' W
• Bedroom 03: 12'-5" L X 10'-10" W
• Windows: 4 Large glass sliding doors
• Deck: 2 Coved decks
• 2 Bathrooms: One includes a bathtub
• Kitchen: Eat-in Kitchen with Pantry room
• Accommodates 6 to 8 people
• Laundry: Laundry closet in the hallway
• Heating: Mini-split/ radiant floor heat/ Air sourced heat pump
• Foundation: Stem wall / Slab

Flexible Layout:

Custom Layout:  We've designed homes to adapt to your needs. Our custom layout is designed with flexibility in mind, so it can adjust and accommodate any changes or additions you might make down the line.

Garage: The layout can accommodate detached garages with breeze walkways connecting both structures, and we have a garage design that matches this wood series perfectly!

Basement: The home is designed to be easily customized with a basement level.

Foundation: The design can accommodate slab on grade foundation.

Contact us if you want more information about the garage and basement; the team will be glad to help out as much as possible.

Sustainable Building Details:

The walls are 10 1/4" thick and composed of 2x6 studs with cellulose insulation in between, and a layer of 2 1/2" zip panels on the outside create a continuous insulation layer and close all the thermal gaps. We estimate the R-value of these walls to be 33. The roof is made of wood trusses with a raised heel to increase the thickness of the insulation to R-63.  

This design uses a foundation wall with footings and a concrete slab insulated on the outside. This way, it is possible to use radiant heat supplemented with min split units. The water heating is contained in the bathroom closet.

Most importantly, these building systems create a highly insulated house that exceeds all the US's state requirements! 

The Study Set Includes:

• 15 sheets of Digital PDF Format Drawings
• Floorplans
• Exterior Elevations
• Foundation Plan
• Building Sections
• Kitchen and Bathroom elevations
• Kitchen Cabinet chart
• Wall details with materials

Designed to help you take the first step toward building your green home, the drawing pack contains everything you need to make informed choices about your home. The drawing pack comes in a digital PDF file and includes15 sheets of architectural drawings with detailed dimensions. This set can be used to get a detailed cost estimate and inquiring about the local permit process.

study drawing set

The Construction Set Includes:

• 26 sheets of Digital PDF Format Drawings
• Wall types with materials
• Floor plan
• Roof Plan
• Foundation Plan
• Truss Plan
• Deck Framing Plan

• Exterior Elevations
• Building Sections
• Wall Details and Eaves Details
• Windows and Doors Schedule
• Windows and Doors Details 
• All Interior Elevations
• Cabinet Schedule
• HVAC and Faucet Plumbing Plan
• Duct Plan
• Electrical Plan
• Foundations details

When it comes to building your dream home, there is one thing that should always be on the agenda: obtaining a set of polished and reliable drawings. Our drawing sets contain drawings and lists such as floor plans, wall details, and all the necessary information to allow you and your builder to precisely plan your building project's duration and anticipated cost.

The construction drawing package includes 26 sheets of architectural blueprints and information! It provides everything you need to apply for your building permits right away in most states (some counties may require additional engineering or adaptations, which you can find out by reaching out to your county). By obtaining your building permit quickly, you will be able to break the ground faster.

construction drawing set

Custom Design

Frank's team is always here to edit the design to your need. We offer online consultation and provide a free price quote within 2 business days.

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